online shopping singapore : four steps on how you can make payment using Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash in Btega

4 simple steps to make payment via Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash using Bitpay Leave a comment

Unlike other e-commerce marketplaces/store, Btega adopts crypto-currency payment, offering buyers a variety of payment option available in the upcoming trend. Bitcoin, which has the most trading volume in the world, together with Bitcoin Cash, is accepted in BTEGA. By integrating Bitpay, one of the most secured Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash payment system into Btega, we allow buyers to purchase beauty skincare products via Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash securely.

We will show you how you can make payment using Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash through Bitpay:

  1. After confirming your products and shipping options, click “Proceed to Checkout”:

2. After keying all your details, select “Bitpay” as your payment option. Then check the term and condition and click “Pay with Bitpay”.

* It might take sometime to load, so do not press more than 1 time.

3. You will be brought to this screen to make payment. Select either Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash:

4. After selecting your payment option, the amount for you to transfer will be generated. You have to make the transfer within the timeframe(12min). The amount will be updated after the timeframe due to the fluctuation. So you can either transfer by scanning the QR code or copy the url and transfer using your preferred wallet. You can click here to find out more on what wallets for Bitpay payment and what wallets are compatible.

You will receive an email notification after payment is confirmed. It’s that simple! So start buying beauty skincare products online using your Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash now!

At any time if you encounter any payment or technical issue, please email We will attend to your inquiry within 24 hours.

Happy Shopping!

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