Coverderm skincare products

In Btega, we have a wide range of Coverderm products. Series such as Camouflage, Luminous, Luminous Ultra White and Luminous Supreme are some of the stuff that you can find in our shop. We offer the best price in Singapore, and they are 100% authentic. Shop with ease, and also check out our promo page for any promo code that you can use to add on to get an additional discount!

About Coverderm

Coverderm is the world’s first in cosmetic camouflage, perfect face makeup, and very high protection sunscreen, which provides a long-lasting, even coverage without clogging skin pores. Coverderm is a brand that is recognized by dermatologists worldwide and it is well known for its long-lasting corrective makeup.

An expert brand in advanced dermocosmetics, Coverderm products have been exported to more than 80 countries globally. With a glorious history, with a product portfolio and a continuous expansion throughout the years, it’s a trusted worldwide brand for makeup and skincare.


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