How it works?

Affiliate display Btega link
Customer clicks, directed to
Customer purchases within 10 days
Order Approved, You earn the commission!

Why join BTEGA Affiliate Programme

  • 10% commission on the sale value
  • Very high $AOV (over $150)
  • 30-day tracking cookie period
  • Open to all promotional methods (except PPC)
  • Open to custom marketing collaborations
  • Full product data feed available
  • Ongoing promotions
  • Mobile optimized website
  • Open communication with our marketing and affiliate teams
why join btega affiliate programme
btega affiliate support

Support from us

  • We provide different sizes of creatives for you to select which banner fits your need
  • Generate your own referral link for your campaign
  • We will provide our upcoming and ongoing onsite campaigns calendar and discounts

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What is Btega Affiliate Program?

Btega Affiliate Programme is designed to reward you for promoting our products to your audience. When you become an affiliate, you’ll receive a unique affiliate link that you can share on your website, social media channels, or email list. When someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase on our website, you’ll earn a 10% commission on the sale.

Is it FREE to join?

Yes! It is totally FREE to join the Btega Affiliate Programme, and you can stop participating at any point in time.

How much can I earn?

There are no limits! Affiliate Partners can earn up to 10% on each sale generated!

How are commissions paid to me?

Commissions are paid on monthly net sales and do not include returns, sales tax, or shipping and handling. Recorded sales are locked 1 month and paid on the 1st of the month they are generated, with a minimum threshold of SGD30 before releasing. For example, if the sale you have generated in January reached SGD30, the action will lock till the 28th of February, and you will receive payment on 1st March. If your commission does not reach the minimum threshold of SGD30, it will roll over to the next month and will continue to roll over monthly until $30 SGD is reached.

A “Locked-in” sale is a transaction that cannot be reversed or edited. This practice is necessary to prevent instances of fraud and other unauthorized manipulation.

What about product returns and refunds due to out of stock?

If a customer returns a product, requests a refund, cancels an order, or if credit card charges are reversed due to dispute or credit card fraud, that transaction will not be eligible for a commission payout.

Can I keep track of my sales and commissions?

Yes, you can! Your affiliate dashboard will have the daily reports that provide information on impressions, click-throughs, orders, sales and commissions earned.


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