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We are now accepting ERC-20 tokens for purchases on BTEGA. The additional utility for top alt-coins is a welcomed service for token holders to purchase lifestyle products.

BTEGA started as a solution to the problem of having real-life utility for crypto-currencies. We realized there is no platform for us to spend most of the currencies on. With that, we set up BTEGA platform in order to allow crypto holders like us an avenue to put our cryptocurrencies to good use.

BTEGA’s vision is to marry cryptocurrency with real-world utility, starting with a lifestyle product platform. Future plans include a peer to peer marketplace; a custodian-secured large-value transaction marketplace for high-value asset purchases; all of them using cryptocurrencies as the main conduit for transactions.

Below are 6 top alt-coins that users can use in Btega for payment:

Kyber Swap
Kyber swap by Kyber Network

KNC by Kyber Network

KNC is the native currency of Kyber Network, an on-chain liquidity protocol that allows decentralized token swaps to be integrated into any application.


LEND Token by ETHLEND, powered by AAVE

LEND is the token used on the decentralized lending platform ETHLend. The key difference between ETHLend and other lending platforms lies the use of smart contracts to allow lenders and borrowers to determine their own loan details without the need for an intermediary.


DAI Token by MAKER

MAKER is an open platform that allows equal access to high-quality financial services like collateral loans. DAI is their decentralized stablecoin and it is among the most popular stablecoin in the crypto market today.



PROPY is the world’s first international property marketplace. The Silicon Valley proptech company is aiming to revolutionize home purchasing globally. Their solution enables automation of the whole closing process – from sending an offer to the complete paperwork and the payment. Propy’s Transaction Platform allows participants to finalize property deals online without the need for each party to be physically present.

Power Ledger

POWR Token by Power Ledger Network

POWR is issued by the Power Ledger Network, a dual-layer blockchain-based, peer-to-peer energy platform that lets users buy and sell electricity.

Abyss Gaming Platform
The Abyss Gaming Platform

ABYSS Token by The ABYSS

ABYSS is the platform-specific currency used for shopping, referral, and other rewards and in-game purchases on The Abyss, an MMO/MMORPG gaming platform with social and earning opportunity features.

Besides the above highlighted top alt-tokens, BTEGA also accepts all alt-coins supported by Kyberswap. The token list can be found at their site.

If you are not sure on how you can make payment using Ethereum or alt-coins, you can check out this post on the 5 simple steps of making Ethereum or ERC20 payment

The Singapore-based platform which is currently live with 1000+ beauty skincare products online will be expanding its product categories and variety as more market vendors join the platform.

Btega Online Lifestyle Marketplace with over 500 products

Users who sign up with Btega now will receive 10 BTEGPoints (the platform’s internal points), which is worth SGD10. Users will also receive cashback via BTEGPoints up to 5% of the amount spent on the site, and on top of that, buyers may leave a review to get an additional 1 BTEGPoint.

For more information on Btega, please email us @

BTEGA | Online Lifestyle Marketplace

Btega was an idea borne out of a growing demand for a marketplace that caters to both fiat and crypto market users. A rampant issue in the ecommerce platform space is a lack of fiat and crypto currencies utility. Btega seeks to offer daily lifestyle products on a multi-currency platform that practices equality, integrity and accessibility.

Visit our store for luxury beauty products that you can buy using Fiat, Bitcoin, Ethereum and also ERC20 tokens.

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