The Secret Solution to Dry Skin

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Dry skin can surely be an irritating problem to deal with. It can make your skin hyper-sensitive, and the list of problems is endless.

You might be suffering from itching, redness, hives, and flakey skin, all that adds to the stress of having dehydrated skin.

But it’s not all sad!

Dry skin while it is nerve-wracking; it is manageable too! With the right skin care routine, you can find the solution to dry skin too.

There are top-of-the-line products in the market that provides your skin with the boost it actually needs.

Let’s find out some of the products you can start using and turn your skin around.

Skincare 101: What Causes Dry Skin?

What Causes Dry Skin
Zoom shows dry skin before moistening

A skin care routine might sound like a hassle, although it’s really not. It is not only necessary, but it’s also easy to implement if you put your mind to it.

Think of skincare as an investment in yourself. The more you take care of your skin during your early years, the more benefits you will reap later on.

First of all, it’s really important to know the actual causes of your dry skin. The simple reason is the lack of hydration!

This can be due to cold weather, the use of heaters in closed areas in winters, hot baths, swimming in chlorinated pools, and sometimes even chemically produced soaps and detergents.

If your skin condition is serious, it is possible it could be inherited or maybe a bacterial infection. Acne may outbreak during skin infection, so it is important that you know how to prevent acne and pimple.

Having sensitive skin can be difficult to manage, but we have the solution for you – keep reading

Witnessing burning, redness, and skin bumps can be really stressful. For the more serious cases where you battle skin ailments, the smart choice is to visit a specialist.

However, most of us deal with mild to moderate dry skin that can be kept under control with the right regime. The right skin care routine can make your skin appear more managed, polished, and smooth.

What Is The Right Skincare For Dry Skin?

looking for the Right Skincare For Dry Skin
Thining What Is The Right Skincare For Dry Skin?

Some skin care products contain ingredients that might worsen your situation.

Like for instance, alcohol, acids, and sulfates tend to make your skin more irritated and damaged. Hence, it is recommended to use sensitive skin care products to keep yourself moisturized.

Wandering in the skin care and cosmetic aisle, you might be facing a million different products to choose from.

If you are suffering from dry skin, aim for a moisturizer with the right ingredients as these will help you keep your skin hydrated.

What to avoid when selecting a product is also necessary. Most experts say not to use unnecessary ingredients such as fragrances and colors.

Ingredients that have to be avoided include lanolin or mineral oil as they can cause acne.

Trying On A New Product

Trying On A New Product
Trying On A New Product

Always remember, before trying any new product on your precious skin, it is important that you test it.

You can do so by doing a patch test! Perhaps use your forearm or maybe your thigh to make sure the product does not contain allergens.

Wait for at least 3 to 4 days for a reaction. If the test goes on as planned and you see no side effects, you are now ready to use it on your face.

The Ultimate Solution to Dry Skin!

First of all, it is necessary that you provide hydration to your dry skin. After looking for the right product for quite some time, we have finally discovered a holy-grail!

The SK II Facial Lift Emulsion is everything you need to turn your skin around, and Btega offers you this product delivered right to your doorstep.

This moisturizer encompasses top-notch ingredients to gives your skin a healthy glow and relieve you from all your dry skin worries!

The SK II Facial Lift Emulsion

Facial Lift Emulsion
SK2 Facial Lift Emulsion (100g)

The SK-II Facial Lift Emulsion caters to the root of the problem. Its ingenious formula helps deliver hydration to skin cells, and helps them heal from within!

The right moisturizer can help your skin have a layer of protection, and especially the right formula. The Facial Lift formula is easy and light-weight. It doesn’t feel heavy on your face or creates an oil-slick look we all hate.

It’s just the right balance of intense hydration with the right feel!

The product comes in a 100g bottle, which easily lasts you a long time. It can definitely be added to your daily skin care routine.

All users, who tried Btega’s SK II products recommended its promising results! The facial lift emulsion will protect your skin from flares and irritations.

In addition, it leaves your skin looking soft, smooth, and healthier!  This formula has really left my skin looking refreshed. It works magically in cleaning your skin and pores by removing all the dirt and blackheads.

The Magic Inside!

The formula works immediately by hydrating your skin and eliminating the dryness on your skin.

It also works remarkably in eliminating wrinkles and boosting moisture. Your conditioned skin will now feel softer and smoother than ever.

What makes it so unique is its ingredients!

It contains PITERA, a combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and organic elements. All these together mimic the skin’s natural moisturizing compounds.

It also includes Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline that helps with anti-aging and renewing collagen production. It helps renew overall elasticity.

Moreover, it has Niacinamide that tackles large pores, dullness, and uneven skin tone. The last key ingredient is Pro Vit-B5, which makes your skin healthier and moisturized.

Give It a try

come give it a try

On a clean face, take out the lotion on to your palm and dot it on your cheeks and forehead. Massage it evenly covering your neck.

Press the fingers on your skin until the lotion is completely absorbed. We recommend using it twice a day for better results.

You might be interested in how you can build up your skin care routine and guides on how to slow down your aging process.

BTEGA offers you this product delivered right to your doorstep. With the progress of online shopping in Singapore, Btega provides a range of skin care products. You can browse through a list of cosmetics, moisturizers, and much more.

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