Eating Your Way To A Vibrant Skin

Eating Your Way To A Vibrant Skin With Cakes And Cookies  Leave a comment

You would probably say never when it comes to sweets like cakes and cookies. These are some of the foods that are hard to resist. For some people, the idea of giving up sweets is about starting a new and healthier life. Little did you know that cakes and cookies can be part of a healthy and lifelong eating pattern, as it helps your skin become healthy and glowing.

With so many beauty skincare products we offer online, foods may also go with your skin care routine. That’s why if you’re a cookie or cake lover, then don’t deprive yourself of eating. Because of its nourishment from within, it enhances your skin to remain vibrant; thus, making you look young and healthy. That’s why in this article, you will know about how cakes and cookies help your skin to remain healthy and lively.

Benefits of Eating Cakes and Cookies for the Skin

The consumption of sweets like cakes and pastries that have helped lead the obesity and diabetes cases to young men and women shows that cakes and cupcakes are not good for us. However, it also has its benefits for your skin. But for lesser harm, don’t forget that the fullest enjoyment comes when these sweets are eaten in moderation. Here are the benefits of eating cakes and cookies for your skin.

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As some cakes contain fruit ingredients, it also works as an antioxidant. Most especially if your cake’s flavor is a fruitcake; it is rich in Vitamin C that would support your immune system to promote radiant skin and help blemishes heal right away.

Eating cakes and cookies will help you with your diet. As repeatedly losing and gaining weight can affect your skin like sagging, stretch marks, and wrinkles, sweets consumption will reflect on your skin. Because over long periods, dieting will definitely reflect in your skin. With the consumption of sweets, your diet would be much balanced than it was before.

Cakes and Cookies also have good carbohydrate components to slowly and quickly break down into glucose. These low-carb foods help release sugar into your blood to flow gradually. This will provide you a steady supply of energy to leave you feeling very satisfied, rather than consuming sugary drinks or biscuits that may promote wrinkles in your skin. Good carbs cakes are highly recommendable, not only because they are healthy, but these cakes are also tasty.

Strawberry flavored cakes are also great for your skin. The strawberries contain antioxidant ellagic acid that helps collagen production and contains a large amount of vitamin C. This is about four times the amount of fiber, which helps prevent your skin from loosening with age.

Cookies also include milk as an ingredient. Using almond milk instead of using cow’s milk could be a great choice. Since cow’s milk has been blamed for many skin problems like wrinkles, the unsweetened almond would be rich in vitamin E. It helps your skin against harsh elements like the wind and the sun. Thus, keeping your skin healthy.

If you need a hunger booster after a long day at work, cookies can be your go-to. It’s rich in protein and helps metabolism to work into energy. Eating foods that contain protein is sure to do a great job of developing new muscles and tissues.


Some would say that eating cakes and cookies is bad for your health. Yes, this is true, and the only reason behind this is that cakes and cookies are sweet. As such, professionals assume that these sweets and desserts can cause health hazards; many of these are made that contain many types of ingredients containing many nutrients. And these nutrients come with so many benefits for your skin.

I just hope the benefits of eating cakes and cookies to your skin mentioned in this article have helped you understand that these are not bad. However, just remember to take everything moderately. Don’t let your desire to have vibrant and young-looking skin compromise your immune system. May you always enjoy eating and not depriving yourself of the sweets that you crave.

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