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Sulwhasoo is a luxury Korean skincare and cosmetics brand. It has been gaining popularity recently, due to its focus on maintaining the original beauty of a woman’s skin. We took a look at their Perfecting Cushion Ex (#21 Natural Pink).

Sulwhasoo’s Perfecting Cushion Ex (#21 Natural Pink) provides flawless coverage with moisture for the perfect complexion. The cushion foundation for the perfect make-up with a long-lasting, slim fit cover and a glowing finish. This product is for all skin types and is suitable for women of all ages.

#21 Natural Pink offers a natural pink tone. Created to provide the radiant, clear complexion of porcelain skin. This silky-smooth cushion offers flawless coverage and extreme comfort while providing moisture and nutrition to the skin.

Clad in a sleek, neutral-coloured package, this cushion foundation provides flawless coverage with just a few dabs of moisture for the perfect complexion. The foundation is long-lasting and will not slide off or fade, thanks to its slim-fit cover. And the cushion foundation is luminous from within, thanks to a glowing finish that will make you look like you have just stepped out of the spotlight.

There is just something about a flawless complexion that makes us feel good like we have got everything under control.

Benefits of Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Ex:


Sulwhasoo’s unique skincare hybrid formula delivers comfort to the skin without feelings of tightness, keeping it looking healthy and beautiful.

If only it were as easy as waking up with a flawless complexion every day. Sometimes things get crazy and there is just no way to keep up with our skin.

  1. Ultra-comfortable sponge that adheres lightly onto skin, providing an even, smooth application and a long-lasting, slim fit cover.
  2. This moist cushion foundation creates a semi-matte finish with its lightweight formula that covers pores and blemishes for a perfect finish.

It is quick and easy to apply just tap the puff into the cushion, lightly tap it onto your face, and you are good to go! With Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Ex, you get an even layer of coverage that is comfortable and soft on your skin. It is so light and airy, it feels like there’s nothing there at all.

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Ex also comes in ten natural-looking shades to match your skin tone perfectly. Plus, it has SPF 50+/PA+++ built right in to protect you from the sun while keeping your skin hydrated. It really is the perfect foundation!


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