Beauty Benefits
This first-of-its-kind cream-gel limits the hormone-related increase in fatty tissue around the waist and abdomen. It also improves the skin’s ‘waist-shaping’ firmness and elasticity, while moisturising and restoring a more youthful smoothness.

Apply in the morning and/or evening using gentle massage movements, always moving clockwise over the abdomen and hips. Immediately absorbed, there is no need to wait before getting dressed. To enhance results, apply using Clarins Body Redefining Method for the Abdomen and Waist.

Active Ingredients

  • Crowberry extract: slows down the expansion of abdominal adipose tissue,
  • Caffeine: streamlines,
  • Agrimony: stimulates microcirculation,
  • Silicon: firms,
  • Khaki Calyx: slows down collagen fiber degradation,
  • Puer
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