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Pokémon is not only appearing in games or tv shows, they come in the form of cosmetics skincare!

A beauty brand from Japan, Lovisia, is collaborating with digital powerhouse, Nintendo, to introduce their trendiest line of cosmetic products. Introducing the Lovisia x Pokémon Cosmetics Skincare Series. They are the hottest trend to have in hot sunny weather and they bring out the glowing skin when you catch ‘em. Expect to wear fuzzy characters on your face (literally) and showing them off in your makeup pouches. It is also the best birthday gift ideas for girlfriends, best friends, and sisters. Besides, this fits perfectly for a unique, fun, and adorable quarantine gift during this Covid-19.

At BTEGA, we offer 8 collections of these Pokémon theme cosmetics, ranging from Facial face masks, lip creams, body gels, Stick Cheek, and pressed powders.

#1) Pokémon Facial Face Mask (*Best Sellers)

Series 1 (S1)


Featuring the cutest of ‘em all is the Pokémon Facial Face Mask S1. These facial face masks check the boxes of cute and beneficial. While an ordinary facial sheet mask is round in shape, Series 1 masks offer shapes that even contain the characters’ ears!

Not only are they adorable, but each pack also comes with high-quality, moisturising ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, and Shea Butter. These hydrating properties are great for people with dry and even sensitive skin. In addition, the ingredients chosen for these facial masks are common and safe for use. Beauty bloggers have raved about its hydrating properties and how these facial face masks are leaving their skins plumped and glowing. There are 4 different characters to choose from Pikachu, Eevee, Jigglypuff and Snorlax.

Series 2 & 3 (S2 & S3)

Facial Face Mask S2
lovisia pokemon facial face mask series 3
Facial Face Mask S3

Back by popular demand, Lovisia is bringing in other favourite characters such as Koduck and Mew in the Facial Face Masks Series 2 and 3. These two Series are slightly different from Series 1 in terms of their packaging, shape of its facial face mask, and characters available. While Series 1 comes with adorable cute ears, Series 2 and 3 offers a more standard shape that you can expect from the universe of face masks but a more vibrant imprint on each sheet masks, as seen in the images below. The ingredients used are equally as moisturising and caring for your skin as used in Series 1. The hydrating factors are what keep your skin smooth and supple during dry, sunny weather.

lovisia pokemon facial face mask s3 - display

Pokémon Point Pack

pokemon pointpack_1 

Have you heard of a face sticker? Yes?

What about a moisturising face sticker? Probably not.

Lovisia has come up with a brilliant, innovative idea for people who love to have a little something cute to add. Featuring these one-of-its-kind Pokémon facial stickers, any fans are bound to go crazy. This Point Pack works like a sheet mask. The hydrating ingredients are also present in this Point Pack, such as Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter and Collagen. This craze calls for the next viral idea you need in your Instagram account.


We highly recommend following these simple steps to get the most out of your facial face masks:

  1. Cleanse – Cleanse your face thoroughly to avoid depositing impurities and dirt into your skin. After washing your face, dry it and use a toner to condition your skin.
  2. Putting on the facial face mask – Always aim to smoothen out your facial sheet masks before leaving it to rest on your face. This prevents wrinkles and unnecessary weird lines. For the Pokemon facial face masks, put it on your face with the printed side facing out.
  3. Patting your face – To help your skin absorb the ingredients better, gently tap and massage the remaining serums into your skin. Also, keep an eye on the time and to only allow the facial face mask to stay on for a maximum of 20 mins.


#2) Pokémon Cosmetic – Lip Cream and Stick Cheek

Pokémon Lip Cream

Pokemon Lip Cream

Besides keeping your face moisturised, Lovisia is keeping your cosmetic needs in check. Introducing premium Lip Cream that contains naturally moisturising ingredient – jojoba oil. This oil is known to provide an additional barrier that protects your lips against damage and cracking. It is safe to use it as a daily lip moisturiser and a balm before putting on lipstick. Have I mentioned, how adorably colourful they are? Their colourful swirls are a true reflection of what a Pokémon journey looks like – fun, adventurous, unique.

Pokémon Stick Cheek

These Stick Cheek can be used as a blusher/highlighter/primer. The ingredients contain natural flower and fruit extracts, which provide a sweet scent in your makeup routine. These gels come in 4 different colours, where 3 are mainly for blushers. The natural gloss colour is good as a primer for your eyes or just as a highlighter on its own.

#3) Pokémon Pressed Powder

lovisia Pokemon Pressed Powder

These adorable Pokémon Pressed Powder works perfectly as the last step of your makeup routine or simple to provide a good touch-up for your skin after a long day. Each character comes with its own purpose:

Pikachu Pink: Skin Brightening
Eevee Green: Reduces redness and improves transparency
Slowpoke Yellow: Covers and conceals dark eye circles
Mew Purple: Provides fair and clear skin

As a finishing step, don’t forget to use pressed powder to keep your makeup looking sharp, matte, and camera-ready.

#4) Pokémon Body Gel

Pokemon Cool Body Gel

Besides keeping your face glowing and moisturised, don’t forget about your body skin too! Lovisia has brilliantly packaged their body gels into cute little packages loaded with cooling ingredients. This is a must-have in your bag when you’re out on a sunny day. These body gels contain cooling ingredients such as herb-robert and wild thyme, which are supposed to cool the skin down and provide temporary relief to sunburn. The smell of these gels is amazingly fruity, with grape-scent being its main fragrance.

These Pokémon cosmetics that were once only available overseas, are finally arriving in Singapore! Grab your favourites from our store before they run out. It is the best gift for a colleague, friend, niece, and neighbour.

So, are you ready to catch ‘em all?

[This guide is not intended to replace advice given by your dermatologist or doctor in any way. Please speak to your dermatologist if your skin condition worsens.]

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